Dear friends,

We are closed due to the government decision for 5 weeks since 13th of March. We will be open in the second part of April.
Please check our Facebook, we will make all the announcements there.
Hope to see you soon!

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Museum team


Permanent Exhibition

Permanent exhibition is a 400 m2 space where illusions meet scientific inventions and arts: physics and optics are displayed together with mysterious artworks and classical riddles. The exceptional educational experience is enriched by interactive entertainment — drawing with a light, creating shadows and unforgettable moments in the world upside down.

Have any doubts how one or another invention works? Want to hear incredible stories about art and history? Want to deepen scientific knowledge or take a picture? The museum team is always around! Smiling assistants are ready to reveal the secrets of the incredible world of illusions.

Permanent exhibition is changing a little: every year several new exhibits are added to the collection. Museum team is constantly researching the world of science and art and looking for new artistic solutions.

Temporary Exhibition

Why did someone have the idea of using these devices? And who could have thought of inventing them? Unable to answer these questions, we have created an original collection of strange, funny and useless items. Together, these items have given us the name for exhibition: Absurdo.

The interactive exhibition will bring visitors to a unique world filled with the strangest devices. Where did these items come from? People have created a number of significant inventions without which it would be impossible to imagine everyday life. Especially in the 20th century, when the progress has significantly accelerated. Paradoxically, with these useful inventions which have accelerated technological change, there were also infinite useless devices invented.